Gasser Info

MWDS and MWG form – Sheet1

Midwest Gasser and Doorslammer Regulations

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be safe.
  3. The fee to race with the Midwest Gassers or Doorslammers for the year is $100 (all ages). As of April 9, 2017 any driver that wishes to join the group must pay the $100 fee.
  4. Every driver must pay the $100 fee for the year. If there are two drivers and one car, both drivers must pay. If there is one driver and multiple cars, the one driver must pay.
  5. If you would like to race ONE TIME ONLY it is $25. If you race with the group more than one time, you will need to pay the $100 for the year.
  6. Members over 70 from 2016 and prior years do not have to pay $100 fee for the year, however, you will not be part of the payouts. If you would like to be part of the payouts, you can choose to pay the $100 fee.
  7. Payouts will begin at the second Nitrous Street Car Brawl of the season. The payouts will be dependent on the track payout from the previous Nitrous Street Car Brawl. Each racer/car will be eligible for the payout at the end of the event after making ALL three runs (It is important to make all 3 runs during a race). One payout per car, per driver.
  8. There are 2 invitation only races. Due to the limited number of cars allowed by GLD and that will be at the sole discretion of the governing committee. Those individuals invited to race must commit to both days.
  9. ALL drivers will need to fill out a driver’s card supplied by the track and it must be turned in to Bob Lehor immediately upon arrival. Have your car number and approximate ¼ mile time on the top of the card before you hand it in.
  10. IF you want to pair up with someone, the cards for EACH driver MUST be turned in together when both drivers have arrived at the track.
  11. When you attend an event , you must make the 3 runs for the day. If you are sick or your car breaks, this rule does not apply.
  12. If your pair’s car breaks, we will assign another pair or give you a bye run. You are responsible for letting your pair AND either Bob Lehor know if you are sick or your car breaks.
  13. If you decide that you want to race someone else after the first pairing, you must let either Bob Lehor know and they will change the pair on the board. *Check the board before each race to make sure your pairing has not changed.
  14. When you go to the staging lane, you are responsible for picking up your pair on the way. You need to find your pair prior to the first run.
  15. Anyone having a 9.99 or lower ET must be licensed by IHRA or NHRA. Anyone running faster than 9.99 must provide a copy of their IHRA or NHRA license with the application.
  16. All safety rules dictated by IHRA must be followed at GLD.
  17. When possible, the website is the preferred method of registering for events. Use the event registration tab. Do NOT use the “contact us” tab for event registration! You will receive a confirmation of registration.
  18. To access the website type the following into the search bar. or
  19. Cars must be inspected by Bob Lehor prior to the first run of the year.
  20. If you have an issue with any of the tracks that we race, please come to Bob Lehor and discuss the problem. Do not post your grievance on Facebook, Instagram or any other public site.